jueves, 17 de julio de 2008


Mama they try and break me

The window burns to light the way back home
A light that warms no matter where they've gone

They're off to find the hero of the day
But what if they should fall by someone's wicked way

Still the window burns
Time so slowly turns
And someone there is sighing
Keepers of the flames
Do you feel your names?
Can't you hear your baby's crying?
Mama they try and break me
Still they try and break me

S'cuse me while I tend to how I feel
These things return to me that still seem real

Now deservingly this easy chair
But the rocking stopped by wheels of despair

Don't want your aid
But the fist I've made
For years, can't hold or feel
No I'm not all me
So please excuse me
While I tend to how I feel

1 comentario:

Osukaru dijo...

Bravo!. Buena combinación entre canción y personaje!.

Ais, me has hecho recordar a unos Metallica que en su evolución musical prometían bastante hasta que sacaron esa aberración llamada St. Anger... Puto Lars Ulrich, tu batería suena como el mismísimo culo!.